Cognixion Secures $1M in Seed Funding

Cognixion (formerly Smartstones, Inc.), a Toronto, Ontario, Canada- and Santa Barbara, CA-based neurotech A.I. company, raised $1M in seed funding.

The round was led by Tom Washing, Founding Partner of Sequel Venture Partners, with participation from nine angel investors.

Led by Andreas Forsland, CEO, Cognixion builds technology solutions that blend artificial intelligence (A.I.), neuroscience (BCI) and augmented reality (AR) to create an interface that helps nonverbal people communicate using their mind. The biosignal processing platform will be able to translate brainwave patterns via a BCI (Brain Computer Interface) directly into verbal communication.

Currently in beta, BCI works via sensors that are worn on the head or implanted within the brain. Once they detect electrical signals within the brain, the sensors send data to software that runs on a computer or mobile device that is connected directly to the internet – or private cloud. Specifically, Cognixion integrates its signal recognition software with BCI and other biosensing devices as well as mobile app and cloud systems, and translates brainwave signals directly into verbal communication as well as remotely controlling mobile apps.

The company, which has operations in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and Santa Barbara, CA (USA).



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