Cognixion Raises $12M in Seed Funding

cognixion one
Cognixion ONE

Cognixion, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based neural interface startup, raised $12m in seed funding.

Prime Movers Lab led the round with co-investors Northwell Health, Amazon Alexa Fund and Volta Circle.

The company intends to use the funds to develop new adaptive interfaces for Assisted Reality technology.

Led by Andreas Forsland, Founder and CEO, Cognixion is a neural interface startup advancing AI-powered neural interfaces that enable speech and smart home controls for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide with communication and physical disabilities.

Its patented non-invasive, wireless brain-computer interface with an integrated augmented reality display, Cognixion ONE, detects the signals from the user’s brainwaves associated with visual fixation on interactive objects and enables hands-free, voice-free control of AR/XR applications in the headset. Cognixion ONE is a closed-loop device that stimulates the visual cortex within the brain and reads its activity while sending control signals back to the AR application. It also integrates with leading research software.

In addition to Cognixion ONE, the company is building advanced machine learning algorithms and an AI-powered language system, which adapts to each user’s unique communication style, making it more efficient at recognizing and anticipating what they intend to communicate. A Cognixion headset user will be able to interface directly with Amazon Alexa from anywhere, accessing the smart assistant’s functions within the headset to interact with their environment and control smart devices, or access news, music, information and more.