Yieldstreet Partners With Pantera Capital to Introduce First Crypto Fund

Yieldstreet, a digital alternative investment platform dedicated to providing access to exclusive private market opportunities, teamed up with with Pantera Capital to launch Pantera Early Stage Token Fund I.

Pantera Early Stage Token Fund I is expected to continue making direct investments in pre-ICO tokens created by teams and entrepreneurs who are building new protocols in the blockchain ecosystem. Prior pre-ICO investments the Pantera fund has made include Polkadot, Amp, and Aurora. 

Led by Michael Weisz, Founder and President, Yieldstreet plans to launch additional offerings with exposure to the Pantera fund, approximately every quarter, allowing repeat investors the opportunity to continue to diversify their portfolios beyond the traditional asset classes. These subsequent offerings will allow investors to continuously add to their holdings and dollar-cost average their cost basis.

Led by Dan Morehead, CEO and Co-CIO, and Joey Krug, Co-CIO, Pantera is a premier crypto and blockchain focused asset manager with $5.6B of assets under management as of December 2021.