Funderbeam Raises over €5M in Funding

Funderbeam, a Tallinn, Estonia–based stock exchange for startups, raised over €5m in funding via its platform.

The money has been raised from a global network of investors in nearly 100 countries.

Founded in 2013 by Kaidi Ruusalepp, former CEO of Nasdaq OMX exchanges, and Urmas Peiker, former regulator, Funderbeam offers the opportunity for startups to raise growth capital and provides immediate liquidity to investors worldwide. The platform is essentially a stock exchange for growth companies, making it possible for anyone to invest and trade on blockchain technology.
By utilizing blockchain, the company assures that every investment on its platform is tokenized. Each token represents the owner’s rights in an investment syndicate. This system allows companies to raise a round privately with investors or publicity with the crowd, while adding only one investors to their cap table – syndicate.
Funderbeam works with early-stage companies around the world, who face problems accessing financing to support their foundation, accelerate growth, and enhance their competitiveness in global markets.

The company has secured $7.3M in funding to date with investors including Jaan Tallinn, Co-Founder of Skype, venture capitalists Tim Draper, and Mistletoe’s Taizo Son.



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