Alsop Louie Partners Seeks $125M for Latest Venture Capital Fund

Alsop Louie Partners, a San Francisco, CA-based early-stage, risk-oriented technology venture capital firm, is to raise a new fund.

Per an SEC filing, Alsop Louie Capital 4, L.P., is seeking to raise $125m. No funds have been raised, yet.

The firm invests in startups developing solutions in analytics, consumer tech, cybersecurity, ad disrubtive tech areas. The portfolio includes 23 active companies while 17 companies have been exited.

Alsop’s team includes:
– Gilman Louie
– Stewart Alsop
– Nancy Lee
– Jim Whims
– Joe Addiego
– Mark Fields
– Bill Crowell
– Corey Reese
– Ernestine Fu
– Will Jack
– Joe Alsop
– Tom Kalinske
– Bill Coleman
– Stephen Mendel
– Jim Ward
– Josh Khalili
– Jared Zoneraich



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