Kuang-Chi GCI Fund Launches $250M Venture Capital Fund

kuang-chiKuang-Chi Group, a Shenzen, China-based high-tech company, has launched its second Global Community of Innovation (GCI) fund.

The fund, which follows a previous investment of $50m, will invest up to $250m in companies developing technology in industries including robotics, IoT, telecommunications, and digital health.
It has a focus on global startups.

Through investments of the first GCI fund, Kuang-Chi has taken stakes in companies with a focus on innovative and disruptive technologies, including video intelligence provider Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi), gesture control leader eyeSight; emotions analytics pioneer Beyond Verbal; biometric authentication provider Zwipe; and UAV surveillance company SkyX.

Led by Dr. Ruopeng Liu , chairman, and Dorian Barak, global investment director, Kuang-Chi has also established a number of JVs to strengthen its portfolio companies’ market positions, including one JV recently announced with Zwipe in Shenzhen.



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