DormChat Receives Seed Investment from ff Venture Capital

DormChat, a Hoboken, NJ-based college messaging app, received a seed investment from ff Venture Capital.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed. In conjunction with the funding, ff Venture Capital’s John Frankel joined DormChat’s board of directors.

Led by Adam Michalski, Founder, DormChat has also launched a major update to iOS and is now available on Android after spreading to 200+ colleges while in beta.
The app is currently available only to college students, requiring an email to sign up. Once signed in, students can create “Chats” which are chatrooms based around local places or topics of interest.
Any students within the local area (3 miles) can participate in these chats using either their profile or an anonymous handle. As they move to different areas, DormChat automatically shows them only the “Chats” relevant to their surrounding area.



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