Fazland.com Raises €500k in Funding

fazlandMidnight Call, a Reggio Emilia, Italy-based startup that operates Fazland.com a digital platform for home refurbishment services, raised €500k in funding.

Backers included RedSeed Ventures and angel investors represented by Fausta Pavesio, Co-founder & Executive Director, Easynex. Federico Panini, CTO, invested in the company.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the platform abroad, firstly in Europe, and go mobile.

Co-founded by Vittorio Guarini, Alessandro Iotti and Giovanni Azzali, Fazland.com allows homeowners to connect with home refurbishment professionals and companies estimating prices and qualities in advance. Users can describe their needs via online forms and compare proposals based on prices and qualitative criteria, references and reviews from other users.



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