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C2Call Raises $2M in Series A Funding


C2Call, a Werl, Germany-based company that offers free Internet phone calls without the need to download software or register, has raised $2m in Series A funding.
Investors include Draper Investment Company, High-Tech Grunderfonds and Mr. Klaus Wecken, co-founder of KHK Software AG.
C2Call will use the funds for expansion into international markets for its FriendCaller service, a free browser-based Internet phone solution that can turn emails, social networks and any Internet-ready device, such as the iPod Touch or iPad, into a phone.
FriendCaller lets users make a call by clicking an assigned link, which can be placed in an email, IM, website, blog, Twitter post, Facebook update, or any other social network site.
Clicking the link instantly connects the caller to the recipient via the browser, with no download or registration required.
FriendCaller connects friends and family instantly – cost-free via the Internet, and for only 2 cents per minute via land lines and cell phones from the US to over 35 countries.
The company, which was founded in 2008 by CEO Martin Feuerhahn and CTO Michael Knecht, founders of Actai Networks, the mobile Internet solutions development company, has generated more than $2m in revenues since April 2010.