Accenture to Acquire AFD.TECH

accenture AFDtech

Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is to acquire AFD.TECH, an independent network services company specializing in network engineering, operations and business services.

The financial terms of the deal – which requires prior consultation with the relevant works councils and would be subject to customary closing conditions – were not disclosed.

The transaction would enhance Accenture’s ability to drive comprehensive transformation across core network, edge and next generation networks including 5G and fiber in Europe. This acquisition would add more than 1,600 highly skilled professionals to Accenture globally, along with multidisciplinary capabilities across engineering, design, deployment, and operation of next generation networks, such as 5G and fiber.

Founded in 1998 by Jérôme Picard, co-founder and CEO, AFD.TECH serves leading telecom brands and clients across various other industries, including energy, industrial, infrastructure and life sciences sectors. The company is based in France with additional offices in Belgium and Morocco.

The acquisition follows Accenture’s acquisition of Arca last November and of umlaut in October 2021.