Today, the importance of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution to economic growth, social cohesion, employment and local development, is worldwide recognized.

According to official figures, SMEs account for over 95% of enterprises and 60%-70% of employment, and generate a large share of new jobs in the most important economies.
As globalization and technological changes reduce the importance of economies of scale in many activities, the potential contribution of smaller firms is enhanced.
However, among the other problems, lack of financing is one of the main factors that obstruct SMEs to grow, innovate and compete in a globalized world.

In this environment, FinSMEs.com provides information on venture capital/private equity and debt financing deals taking place daily across the planet.

Launched in August 2009 by Ermanno Cece, FinSMEs is a fast-growing blog and represents a realiable and trusted source of information for startuppers, would-be, young and established entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, technologists, analysts, journalists and bloggers from the five continents.
It currently focuses on providing real-time funding/M&A deal news as well as interviews with industry leaders.
The aim is to create an ecosystem where readers can stay instantly updated and get ideas needed for their projects and investments, as well as for their studies and initiatives.
FinSMEs is SME-oriented, and country and sector agnostic.
It is followed worldwide, mainly in the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Germany, France, Philippines, and Scandinavia.