How do New Online Casinos Secure Start-up Funding?

The online casino industry is booming right now, with the sector showing steady growth every year.

The biggest established market is in Europe, with the United Kingdom demonstrating a considerable amount of turnover: last year the UK declared a gross gambling yield of £14.5 billion, with £5.6 billion – that’s over one third – coming from the remote gambling sector.

The industry is dominated by major brands, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new online casinos to make an impact. Affiliate sites like are dedicated to promoting new online destinations within the market.

New sites with fresh takes on old favourites are always welcome. Players have fully embraced all the choices out there as it means they don’t have to compromise on the kinds of games they like to play, the style of the website and app, or how they upload their money.

As technology continues to develop, so the sector changes and evolves to keep up, taking advantage of the multitudinous new opportunities affording by such advancements. This year has seen the introduction of live action table games, where video links to live dealers give players the chance to feel part of the atmosphere from the comfort of their own home, even giving them the chance to chat with the dealers. This is a fantastic benefit for gamblers with accessibility issues for whom a visit to a land-based casino is impractical. The introduction of 5G is also slated to have a huge impact on the industry, as players will be able to access high streaming speeds to play their games on the go.

It’s by buying into this new technology that emerging sites can make themselves seen. While the more established brands trade off their names and reputations, they don’t need stellar incentives to pull in the customers. New sites often offer the best bonuses, most innovative gameplay and highest jackpots, all in a bid to get players to open an account with their platform. One of the biggest outlays when launching a new platform – as with almost any new business – will be on marketing, and anyone thinking of setting one up will need to budget a large percentage of cash in this direction.

So where can you get the money from if you want to start an online casino? Unless you have access hundreds of thousands of pounds in your own bank account, you’re going to need either a loan, or investors. And for both of those, you’ll need a well-thought out business plan, detailing exactly how you’re planning to put their money to good use. This will include purchasing hosting software. Luckily, the market is so well-established now that several out-of-the-box options are available that will get you up and running without needing advanced coding skills. Any new casino will also need to apply for licenses for the countries they wish to operate in. Finally, any respectable brand requires staff to help and support the players with enquiries and issues.

Even breaking it down into simple headings like marketing, staff, software, and licenses, it’s easy to see why a new start-up needs the funding in place from the start. And, of course, as the business grows, further injections of cash will be needed to shore up the supporting systems until the business is stable enough to support itself. Unfortunately, business loans for online casinos may be hard to come by. The marketplace is incredibly competitive and players already have hundreds of sites to choose from. Banks and lenders would have to see something very original and be confident of success before signing over the funds. And like any start-up, that can be the first hurdle. How do you demonstrate that something is original enough to carve out its own niche, yet also similar enough to existing products to appeal to their target market?

For online casinos, it is a blessing that the industry has built-in ways to show individuality. Most of them are themed – space, jungle, the 1950s etc – so any new start-up casino can give a fresh lick of digital paint to existing software and produce a unique product. But because the core games on offer don’t change, anyone looking for online slots or poker could be tempted to give new rooms a try, for the right incentive. By studying which are the most popular draws, be it progressive jackpots, enticing mini games or free spin bonuses, new casinos can find the most effective way of bring new players on board.

And this is where investors could prove to be gambling guardian angels. The gambling industry might seem saturated, but experts are predicting that the rapid growth is set to continue, with industry revenue expected to exceed $90 billion dollars by 2024. This is mostly due to the fact that the remote gambling industry is still relatively new, with many areas of the world only now beginning to open their doors to the possibilities. Many parts of the United States of America are yet to legalise online gambling, but changes are coming, and when the market does fully open, as experts are predicting it will in the next few years, there will be ample opportunity for existing brands to make the trip across the Atlantic.

With industry projections this healthy, new companies with good proposals are sure to be able to find financial backers eager to get in at ground level and scoop themselves a share of future profits. Many newly launched sites seem to find this the best way to get off the ground: staged investment from individuals or companies, who contribute small chunks of capital at different stages of growth. Investors love a proven product in a proven market, and while investing in online casinos isn’t a traditional method of making money, it is proving to be a very popular modern alternative.

So if you’re thinking of entering the online casino market, remember that the best way to attract financial backing is with a well-written business plan, an eye-catching idea a good sense of competitors.

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