Elie Rubin’s Deskforce New Revamped and Super Diverse Team

Owing to the raise in number of the company’s global clients, the need for a strategy that will see to it that the Contact Center Services are effective and of top-notch quality is eminent. As such, Elie Rubin, Deskforce’s CEO, has announced the appointment of some top flight personnel to preside over and oversee the entire process for the strategy to be a success.

Deskforce is an international company based in Jerusalem. It specializes in offering SaaS Model Tech scalable communication system. A coincidental encounter between two old friends, Elie Rubin and Daniel Leubitz back in 2009, saw the formation of Deskforce company. Since its inception, the company has experienced an exponential growth.

The company’s main strategy is streamlining operations and market growth. In order to achieve this, Rubin has appointed a career professional, Joseph Fuerst as his Chief Operating Officer. Fuerst has held several key senior positions at SimilarWeb as well as ClickTale. Additionally, he has held a critical position at WalkMe in VP sales.

Deskforce’s Chief Financial Officer position is held by Ohad Sherman. Ohad is well versed in matters finance and he has reputable experience in publicly quoted companies as well as start-ups. He has some background in Software, IT and advertising which makes him even better suited for the role. Both Ohad and Fuerst sit at the company’s board.

To restructure his multi talented task force even further, Rubin has made a shift in upper management movement. Daniel Leubitz, Deskforce’s co-founder, is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. This is to enhance Deskforce’s brand equity as well as establish market leadership. Everything Rubin does seems like a strategy to steer the company in the right direction. He does not do it alone. He has a powerful team behind him, and the company’s continued success is proof enough.

Jerusalem, as we all know, is the core of the globe’s oldest religions, some of which have had a major impact on human beings’ spirituality for years. Jerusalem’s rich cultural diversity is reflected by the company’s constellation of a multi-ethnic workforce and talented staff as well. The office support staff including engineers and developers at Jerusalem are a perfect mix and match and dependable team. The team comprises of Christians, Arab Muslims and Jewish immigrants from Russia, Mexico, Charedi, France as well as native Israelis.

There is an increasing number of Arab companies who come on board as clients. Deskforce has 20 Arab Muslim employees who are in charge of handling the firm’s Arabic Customer Support desk. Ranked as Israel’s 9th fastest growing tech company, it is evident that Deskforce has experienced nothing short of exponential growth.

Not only are there more than 10,000 clients that are served on a daily basis in the offices at Jerusalem, Sofia in Bulgaria and Tel Aviv, Deskforce has expanded its portfolio. In order to do this, there are contact center services through a clientele base in Maple in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, France, Russia, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

Elie Rubin is not only an astute corporate strategist, but a good leader who considers his team of 40 employees as loyal business partners and more importantly as family. He has an excellent track record in the hyper growth of tech start-ups.

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