How to Stop Creditor Harassment

If you are in debt, it is likely that you are not in the best of mental conditions, and the last thing you would want to deal with under such circumstances is creditor harassment.

Unfortunately, this does happen and more often than not, people just accept it and deal with the extra stress. The good news is that no one needs to endure it because there are provisions in the US legal system to stop creditor harassment. If this applies to you, then read on to know more about the best ways to ensure that your creditors are not overstepping their boundaries.

Know Your Rights

In order to take advantage of the legal system and protect yourself from creditor harassment, you need to know your rights first. Take a look at the following restrictions and rights that every creditor must adhere to in the United States of America.
1. They cannot call you multiple times in a day
2. Deceptive conduct is illegal on their part
3. They cannot call your office after being told not to
4. No calls can be made before 8 AM or after 9 PM
5. The creditor must only speak with your lawyer after you have provided them with your lawyer’s contact info
6. They cannot tell any of your contacts about the debt you owe them
7. They cannot publish your name anywhere, not even on social media
8. Threats of any kind are illegal, which include threats of personal harm, arrest, loss of child custody, loss of social welfare benefits, etc.
9. Verbal abuse of any kind is not acceptable either
10. The collector/caller in question must disclose his/her identity to you first
11. Forceful, unauthorized repossession of the debt or any property that you own is a criminal offense

Try to Work Out a Deal with the Creditor

If you cannot pay back your debt in time, you need to work out a deal with your creditor. Most lenders are usually much more flexible than we initially assume, and it may be possible to arrange for a reasonable deal with them. To stop the harassment, have an open chat with them directly and let them know why you cannot pay it back right away and when or how you plan to pay what you owe them. Negotiation skills are key here though and it will help immensely if you have a debt attorney to guide you.

Hire an Attorney

This is the most effective step, which will almost always stop creditor harassment instantly. The second the lending party comes to know that you have hired an attorney, they will immediately cease illegal activities. If you consult with an experienced professional debt collection attorney such as the Mastriani Law Firm, they will also be able to assist you in reaching a reasonable deal with the creditor. If you want to put your mind at ease, you can get in touch with this Houston debt collection attorney via their website.
Nobody likes being in debt, but it has happened to the best of us. Just because you have fallen on hard times, it doesn’t mean that people can walk all over you. However, unless you have some legal back up, creditors will likely not listen.

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