Colorcon Launches $50M Colorcon Ventures

Colorcon VenturesColorcon, a Harleysville, PA-based world leader in the development, supply and technical support of specialty products for the pharmaceutical industry, has established Colorcon Venturesa $50m venture fund.

The fund focuses on startups that are strategically relevant to the core Colorcon business. The fund will target investments in transformational solutions across manufacturing, supply chain, and delivery of pharmaceutical products and services and is not investing in companies developing active ingredients or molecules.

The fund will be stage-agnostic, with an emphasis on early and mid-stage companies that demonstrate product market fit and revenue growth. Colorcon Ventures will invest in startups where Colorcon can add value in the form of subject matter expertise or commercial relationships, and leverage the company’s global reach, relationships within the pharmaceutical industry, and agile R&D approach.

Touchdown Ventures, a firm specializing in corporate venture capital, will help manage the fund working closely with senior executives of Colorcon in all aspects of operating the fund.



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