SAFI-Tech Receives Investment from Rhapsody Venture Partners

SAFI-TechSAFI-Tech, a Cambridge, MA-based electronics manufacturing company, received an investment from Rhapsody Venture Partners.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The company intends to use the proceeds to bring the product to market.

SAFI-Tech produces no-heat solders for use in electronics manufacturing and assembly. Its alloy consists of tiny supercooled metal particles that are liquid at room temperature. When activated, the liquid metal flows and solidifies, creating full-metal conductive interconnects. Removing heat from electronics manufacturing enables smaller, thinner, and flexible designs. In addition to enabling fundamental design innovation, the removal of heat creates economic value by reducing manufacturing costs and increasing throughput.
SAFI-Tech encapsulates liquid SAC305 in a nanofilm that prevents the alloy from solidifying when cooled below its melting point. Its no-heat SAC305 alloy is processed at low temperatures and forms the same metallic interconnects as current SAC305 processed at above 260°C.
The company’s platform and IP were developed at Iowa State University by company co-founders Professor Martin Thuo and Dr. Ian Tevis.



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