Sensatek Propulsion Raises $2M in Equity Funding

sensatekSensatek Propulsion, Inc., a Daytona Beach, Florida-based provider of patented sensors for gas turbine management, raised $2M in equity funding.

The round was led by Rhapsody Venture Partners of Cambridge, MA, alongside Cloquet Capital Partners, StarterStudio, VentureWell, and others.

Led by founder and CEO Reamonn Soto, Sensatek produces wireless sensors for real-time monitoring of temperature, pressure, and strain in gas turbines. The company’s sensors are composed of a polymer-derived, ceramic material that allows for temperature, pressure, and strain data collection of rotating equipment in harsh environments of over 1,200°C. Through accurate data collection, power producers and OEMs can implement condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance schedules to avoid costly failures, downtime, and unnecessary repair, and operate turbines closer to operational limits.

Sensatek’s IP was developed at the University of Central Florida and is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), StarterStudio, and VentureWell.



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