Olymp Trade Indonesia – The Ideal Broker for Beginners?

The foreign exchange market, particularly binary trading in Indonesia has been on the rise in the recent years.

Many say that Indonesia may well become one of the leading Binary trading markets globally.

However, we should also point out the fact that binary trading is still at its infancy in Indonesia, and a relatively new concept.
The trading laws and regulations keep on changing and are not refined yet. However, with an increasing number of bigwigs and trading companies vesting their resources here, it does look that the government, and consumers are slowly warming up to the idea of online trading.

It`s unfortunate, however, that most Indonesians are finding it hard to trade on the existing binary platforms. And this is not because the binary system is complex or the governing laws are restrictive.

A major stumbling block to binary trading lies on the choice of brokers. See, a broker will play a significant role in the success or failure of your trading. This is why it`s crucial to find a reliable broker, who`ll guarantee you with results.

Brokers in Indonesia

As we`ve mentioned above, the choice of brokers in Indonesia is limited, meaning choosing the best broker is quite challenging at the very least.
To make your selection easier, we asked BinOptionen.com to suggest their choice of the best broker to Indonesian traders, and their choice was Olymp Trade. To learn more about this broker, you can look at the full Olymp Trade review in Indonesian here. But here`s a quick overview and benefits of Olymp Trade.


Normally, new traders often consider reliable brokers as those with a long operational history.
For newly established brokers such as Olymp Trade (2014), they lack the long operational history that potential clients may use to assess the reliability of the broker.

While it`s a detriment to many brokers, Olymp Trade has managed to get over this detriment by registering with The Financial Commission.
The Financial Commission is a regulatory agency protects the traders as well as provide legal assistance, in the case of traders launch a dispute against the broker. As a member of this regulatory body, traders can now rest easy knowing that their funds, operations, and systems are protected by a greater body.

Free, Unlimited Demo Accounts

Once you register with Olymp Trade, you`re provided with a demo account that is set up with $10,000 and the minimum trade size is $1.
Yes, that means that you can do 10,000 trades on the demo account for practicing purposes before you run out of virtual cash. With such amounts of trade, you can master the trading skill to perfection.
As if that is not enough, the demo account comes with all the tools, indicators and advanced charts that the real platform offers.

Simple Trading Platform

Rather than using a generic trading platform, Olymp Trade uses a proprietary platform that will provide you with the best user experience.
What we love about the Olymp Trade platform is that it`s simple to understand, with a design that is easy on the eyes. Moreover, the platform is clutter-free, with all the icons, and images neatly arranged in an organized way.
For instance, rather than placing all the icons on the dashboard, the platform uses clickable and expandable buttons, which upon clicking, produces a drop-down list. The modesty of the platform goes beyond usability but extends to the ability to use the platform on your phone as well as on the web, without needing to download an app.

Educational Materials

When it comes to the trading tools, Olymp Trade has gone a step further to provide traders with learning resources. The resource section, for instance, offers a gamut of learning materials that will help and guide you on successful trading.
Alongside the learning materials are free eBooks, webinars, and interactive tutorials, which are quite handy if you`re looking to learn more about binary trading and its related systems.


Olymp Trade might be a new broker in the industry. However, its ambition to become the leading brokerage firm in Indonesia has seen them employ the best trading practices and provide quality services to their traders.
If you`re looking to learn more about their services, trade types, pay ratio and more, then go through the exhaustive Olymp Trade Review by BinOptionen.

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