aXiomatic Raises $26M in Funding

axiomaticaXiomatic, a Los Angeles, CA-based an esports and video game startup, reportedly raised $26m in funding.

Backers included:

  • Michael Jordan, through his family office,
  • Declaration Capital, the family office of David Rubenstein, and
  • Curtis Polk, managing partner and alternate governor of Hornets Sports & Entertainment and manager of the financial and business affairs of Michael Jordan and his related companies.

Led by Co-Executive Chairmen Peter Guber, Ted Leonsis, Jeff Vinik and Bruce Karsh and CEO and co-founder Bruce Stein, aXiomatic is an esports and video game company which, through strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions, connects esports groups with resources including venues, technologies, media content, distribution partners and investment capital.

In September 2016, the company acquired controlling interest in Team Liquid, an esports brand run by Co-CEOs Steven Arhancet and Victor Goossens. In addition, aXiomatic has made several strategic investments into esports-related businesses — from analytics and coaching to new gaming experiences.



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