Binance Launches Comprehensive Incubation Program Binance Labs

Binance, an international, multi-language cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a comprehensive incubation program.

Binance Labs acts as a blockchain technology incubator focusing on pre-ICO projects and teams.

Led by Ella Zhang, Teck Chia, Christy Choi, Benjamin Rameau, and Chloe Zhang, the initiative focuses on such topics as:
– Decentralized Exchange
– Algo Trading
– Market data and news apps
– Blockchain-based chat
– Decentralized VPN

Binance Labs provides:
– initial funding for projects, in crypto;
– a range of advice, including technical architecture review, product market fit, token economics, ICO advisory, listing advisory.
– connections, network and influence in the crypto space to expand the reach in the industry.
– priority consideration for ICO on Binance Launchpad, where many ICOs finish in less than 60 seconds.
– priority consideration for listing on crypto exchange

To date, Binance Labs has invested in:
– MobileCoin, a crypto-currency;
– Oasis Labs, a smart contract platform;
– Certik, a formal verification platform;
– Republic, a dedicated crowdfunding platform.



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