Writing Types and Techniques

What is the main key of writing? The answer is to write in order to show your emotion, thought, imagination or an article. The basic stages of this process and the applications to be carried out at these stages are listed.

Writing Process

1. Preparation

a) In the preparation phase, the subject, purpose, target mass and type of the text to be written in advance are determined. The well-defined topic is well-defined, which makes it easier to write. To delimit the cone it must be clearly defined which direction of the cone will be taken. The determination of the type of text to be written is also very important at this stage because the article must carry the basic building elements. According to species, building elements will be explained separately in related units.

b) In the preparation phase, secondly, thoughts, information and events to be used in the text are identified. The ways to apply for this purpose will be explained further in the following section.

2. Planning

a) In the planning of the writing, the main thought / message of the text is determined first. A post revolves around a thought or message. This is the center of the main thought and all other evaluators develop its place.

b) It is necessary to identify and rank auxiliary ideas related to thought / communication in planning stage. They have not been paid attention to the fact that they are supporters or thinkers who support or develop the idea.

c) Determination of ways of developing ideas that support auxiliary thinking constitutes the final step of the planning phase. The ways of developing the idea will be explained in detail for the heading “paragraph”.

3. Creating Draft Text

Writing text in accordance with the writing plan, preparations for the process. The draft text is the way to develop the main thought, auxiliary thought that was determined before. While creating draft text, the antenna of different sentence structures will enrich both the meaning and the structure of the text. For example, if a situation is described, noun phrases use verb phrases more frequently if the event is described. The use of verb phrases and noun phrases is always needed if you think about “how to write my essay.”

4. Correction and Development

Draft text, clarity, simplicity, clarity; relation and consistency between paragraphs; spelling, punctuation, page layout etc. Opening and editing by opening also constitutes an important step of the writing process. Beginners in this phase take the context of the text and rewrite it.

5. Document Sharing

Sharing the written text with teachers, friends or family members and taking the evaluations of their writing constitutes the final stage in the writing process. Written articles; can be read aloud to the class, displayed on the school clipboard, printed in electronic media or in various magazines and shared with the readers. The most important thing to note in the sharing phase is to act in the consciousness of the legal and moral responsibility of the produced and shared texts. In this respect, the responsibility of each text belongs to the person who wrote and shared it. The undertaking of this responsibility also brings with it moral and legal necessity.

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