Online Casino Refuses to Pay: Main Reasons

Probably one of the reasons to push people gamble is for the thrill. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that winning a bulk of money while entertaining is interesting and will stay an unforgettable remembrance. Gambling is all about luck even some casino games require both skills and strategies. The lucky players often boost great winnings which are not the case for all as others never win even after many years.

Over the years, the chance is at last on your side and you win a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, your request to withdraw your gains is denied as some online casinos refuse to pay their customers. What to do if you experience this problem?

Possible Reasons for Non-Payment

Obviously, you will feel frustrated and want to deposit a complaint at the jurisdiction or yell fraud at the social networks. Before, you decide on your complaint, make sure that you didn’t break the terms and conditions of the online casino. The players do not often pay intention to these terms and conditions which are common pitfalls and can impact the process of your cashing out.

  1. Bonuses and wagering requirements. Bonuses are the main subjects in the online slots because the casinos always promise attractive bonuses to their new and existing players. Nonetheless, the gamblers cannot withdraw these rewards unless they complete the wagering requirements imposed even by fast withdrawal casino that guarantees same day payouts. So, it is essential to read and understand its T&C before you complain about your bonuses. In fact, a wagering requirement is a number of times you have to play before you are allowed to withdraw your gains. You must bet in a limited time depending on the casino to avoid the bonus cancellation. If you deposit £50 and receive a 100% deposit bonus, obviously you will earn £50. If the wagering requirement is x40, you need to bet (£50×40) £2,000 before cashing out your gains.
  2. The winnings in the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots are also associated with the trap even they seem very attractive. There are progressive gains that aren’t included in the withdrawal limit. Therefore, before you choose to play the progressive jackpot, make sure if the gains included in the withdrawal limit by sending an email in the customer service. Evidently, it will be a waste of time but “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The casinos usually put their withdrawal terms and conditions on their sites even some don’t paste them. These conditions may include the payment method. For example, in the case of progressive jackpot winnings, they will be paid for in installments. So, if you didn’t understand these conditions, you might think that the casino pulled your money however some operators have already fixed this issue.
  3. Software malfunctions. Generally, the software makes provision for any malfunctions but like everything, the problems might occur. These glitches may reach the best operators from time to time. If you are unlucky and meet a dysfunction in your game, keep calm because normally, when you reload the game, it will start where you last played. Another effective tip is to always take screenshots of the money you’ve gained. Nonetheless, if this problem continues, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support of the casino.

How to do if you meet the bad online casinos?

Lets’ say that this time, you met a dishonest operator because the bad casinos are well and truly exist. For example, you won a huge amount of money and had tightly followed the terms and conditions of the online casino. When you decided to withdraw your winnings, the casino asked you to provide documents like your identity card, bank account details, bills, and more. Normally, the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure in an online casino takes between 48 and 72 hours.

So, if you didn’t receive your cash, be sure that you met a dishonest casino. After contacting them via email, phone, or else, they ignored your messages. How to do now? You can contact the sites that recourse the players with payment quarrels. The players can complain the casinos that refused to pay them. However, before lodging a complaint, make sure that you have a legitimate case against the casino.

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