Financial Problem Solving

The Be and all, The Holy Grail, of financial problem-solving. This is not it, rather this is financial problem solving from a real money online casino gambler. Now you are thinking . . . no problem, think. But who better to tell you how to survive in this financial environment where 2,000 % profits are possible in time frames of less than 18 months. And fortunes lost even faster as the Bitcoin, fell by more than half.

No one can then stand and deny that the Bitcoin is part of our future. It is becoming one of the most preferred online payment methods. There are fewer investments that make sense in this politically uncertain world that we live in. But it has all proven to be what it really is at the core, a big gamble.

The Difference

Between a top online gambler and you, the ordinary person is that we study the markets, sorry we meant the games. But think about it, are they that different. There are so many investment vehicles or games to choose from, at the online casino.
These games all have different potential payouts, all though, in the long run, online casino projections run truer. According to casinos online America, the Return to Player percentage is the amount of money the game is programmed to pay back to the player over the long term. This might be a period of 100,000 spins.

Most internet casino games payout 94%-96%. This means on average any novice who plays 134 spins at $0.10 per spin for 2 years will probably get payouts amounting to more than $9,000. Of course, these figures are estimates based on the statistics. Casino games are games of chance. This means that the total payout might be less or significantly more. The oh so frequent million dollar jackpot prizes.

The advice

Fun does not have to be reckless. That is the bottom line. Remember that you are having fun or risking, therefore, do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. Get schooled in real money gambling to earn more just like with any other financial gamble that is obviously less fun.


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