Google Launches Artificial Intelligence-Focused Venture Capital Fund Gradient Ventures

Google (GOOG) has launched an Artificial Intelligence-focused venture capital fund.

Led by Anna Patterson, Founder & Managing Partner, Led by Ankit Jain, Founding Partner, Shabih Rizvi, Founding Partner, and Kelsey Buntjer, Founding Manager of Operations, Gradient Ventures aims to invest in and connects startups with Google’s resources, innovation, and technical leadership in artificial intelligence.

The fund focuses on helping founders develop AI-based products, from leveraging training datasets to helping companies take advantage of the latest techniques. It provides portfolio companies with access to domain experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, AR/VR, deep learning, and machine learning.
An ROI-based independent investment vehicle, Gradient Ventures is also committed to helping develop the broader AI community via meet-ups, and exclusive events to enable companies to benefit from Google’s network of entrepreneurs and engineers to grow and learn from each other.

The fund’s portfolio includea:
– Algorithmia, a community of developers, researchers and organizations that contribute to a marketplace made up of algorithms, functions and models.
– Cogniac, which provides software to create and visually compose Convolutional Neural Network models.
– Cape, which virtualizes drone hardware enabling people to fly drones remotely.
– Aurima, a developer of an alternative sensing modality together with deep AI modeling.



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