Health Catalyst Capital Holds First Close of First Healthcare IT VC Fund, at $64M

hccHealth Catalyst Capital Management, a NYC-based venture capital firm investing in US-based healthcare IT businesses, held the first close of its maiden fund at $64m.

According to a regulatory form filed with the SEC, a majority portion of the funds, exactly $37m, has been sold subject to satisfaction of certain conditions.
Health Catalyst Capital, L.P., has a final target of $100m.

Led by Charles Boorady, Tyler R. Boyd, Nikhil A. Hanmantgad, Vienn Kim, Daniel R. Ross, Health Catalyst Capital invests in high growth US-based healthcare IT businesses working in such themes as Personalized Medicine, Patient Navigation, and Hospital Workflow Automation, each with potential to achieve $1 billion enterprise value globally.

Current investments include PierianDx and ReferWell.



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