Friulia Veneto Sviluppo Launches €50M Private Equity Fund

Friulia Veneto Sviluppo Sgr, an Italian private equity firm focused on backing SMEs in the North East, has officially launched its €50m first investment vehicle.

Backed by Veneto Sviluppo S.p.a. (€20m), Friulia S.p.a. (€21m), pension fund Solidarietà Veneto (€7m) and others, Fondo Sviluppo Pmi aims to invest in SMEs operating in the North East of Italy (in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions) with a turnover of €10m to €180m with growth potential and plans to expand abroad.

The fund will focus on companies operating in the manfacturing, commerce, and services sectors.

Led by Giorgio Grosso, President, FVS Sgr and Veneto Sviluppo Spa, the vehicle also aims to attract debt resources from banks and equity from entrepreneurs and other private firms.



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