Anki Raises $50M in Funding

Anki, a San Francisco, CA-based startup focused on bringing artificial intelligence and robotics to everyday lives, raised $50m in funding.

Backers included Andreessen Horowitz (read here their announcement), Index Ventures (read here) and Two Sigma.

Co-founded in 2010 by Boris Sofman, Ph.D., CEO, Mark Palatucci, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer, and Hanns Tappeiner, President, Anki (pronounced AHN-key) is developing video games in the real world.

Its Anki Drive, a racing game that pits real cars against players and each other, will be available this Fall on iOS.

According to CEO Sofman, Anki Drive represents the first step of the future of robotics and artificial intelligence being realized. “We see an entertainment experience transformed today, and we see countless possibilities in the future“, he said in a post.



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