AdzCentral Raises SG$4M in Funding

AdzCentral, a Singapore-based provider of a scientific media buying platform, recently raised SG$4m (approximately US$3.2m) in funding.

Backers included Electric Sheep Capital and Digital Media Partners.

Founded in 2008 by CEO Reza Behnam, AdzCentral leverages advertising technology tools and expertise to improve clients’ digital media spending.
Its a Scientific Media Buying Platform provides direct marketers, brand marketers, advertising agencies and media companies with a combination of real-time advertising, data-rich targeting, measurement and campaign optimization. In addition, the company’s staff can assist both brand and performance marketers with several services including:
– Media buying strategy
– Campaign management
– Data planning strategy
– Reporting
– Proposal building/ forecasting
– Reconciliation/billing
– Campaign set-up.



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