Technocom 2 Launches

The French Fonds National d’Amorcage, managed by CDC Enterprises, made a €18.7m second investment in the seed fund Technocom 2.

Managed by Innovacom, the €30m fund will focus on French startups originating from R&D in the area of digital technology, IT and telecoms.

Also backed by Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Groupe SEB and Soitec, Technocom 2 will finance the creation of new companies arising from French public, academic and industrial research in the area of digital technology applied to networks, energy, digitally connected homes and healthcare. The fund will invest – from a few hundred thousand euros to several million euros – in around 15 startups, giving priority to the following areas:
– materials and components
– embedded software systems
– machine to machine and machine to user communication
– data management
– high speed broadband connectivity.



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