Singly Receives $7M Investment

Singly, Inc., a San Francisco, CA-based start up that creates a software platform and service for personal data, has received a $7m investment.

The round was led by The Foundry Group, with participation from other unnamed backers.

Founded by Jason Cavnar, Jeremie Miller and Simon Murtha-Smith, Singly aims to empower individuals and developers by breaking down barriers that limit personalization and creative expansion of the web (with tweets, photos, videos, click-streams, social interactions, check-ins, data from real-world sensors like heart monitors, email, Fitbit-like devices, health records, financial records, transaction histories, location information, etc.), and allow people to see, share, understand and own their stories.

The company, currently in closed alpha, intends to play an important role for end users as a trusted intermediary – ensuring applications, web services and devices behave responsibly and that people are in greater control and explicitly aware of what is happening with their digital assets, as well as adding value for developers by making personal data routable, structured and available via a single API.

It is currently hiring (



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