H-Farm Receives Equity Investment from Renzo Rosso

H-Farm, a Treviso, Italy-based venture incubator that invests in Internet start ups, has received an equity financing from Renzo Rosso, founder of Diesel and president of Only The Brave holding.
With the investment, which was made via Red Circle, Rosso also acquired a stake in H-Farm’s real estate property and became one of the most important shareholders, according to a written statement.
Present at international level with offices in Ca’ Tron (Italy), Seattle (USA), London (UK) and Mumbai (India). H-Farm hosts and makes seed investments in early stage companies such as Tiltap, 1ring, JobSlot, GetBazza, and others.
Commenting on the funding, Renzo Rosso Said: “I’m a great fan of H-Farm which I always associate to the Silicon Valley: 250 young people connected with thousands of creative people all over the world. It’s like a hothouse of ideas and innovation which constantly stimulates my vision of the world and of the way to do business.
“The digital world fascinates and excites me, my personal investment choices are clearly showing it”, he added.


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