SmartMembranes Receives Equity Investment from Leonardo Venture

SmartMembranes GmbH, a Halle, Germany-based manufacturer of macro-and nano-porous membranes made of silicon and aluminum oxide, has received an equity investment of undisclosed amount from Leonardo Venture.
With the transaction, Leonardo Venture acquired a 16.66% stake in the company and joined the company’s shareholders including Monika Lelonek, Dr. Petra Goering. and Prof. Dr. Ralf B. Wehrspohn. The funding can be followed by other rounds.
Founded in 2009, the company produces high quality macro and nano porous alumina and silicon membranes with high ordered structures and a narrow pore size distribution. 
They are used in various fields such as sensors, diagnostics, in micro reactors and catalysts, as gas separators and protective membranes against contamination (e.g. dust, bacteria, viruses).

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