Phagenesis Receives £2M Investment

Phagenesis Limited, a Manchester, UK-based developer of a technology for the treatment of swallowing dysfunction, has raised £2m in funding from undisclosed investors.
The new capital will be used to support the development of a new class of treatments for stroke patients who suffer from dysphagia, a common condition that prevents or impairs the safe swallowing of food and drink.
Commenting on the funding, Phagenesis CEO Daniel Green, said: “The investment will enable us to undertake design and clinical trials of a production device which we expect to be available globally”.
Phagenesis’ treatment involves a device that delivers electrical pulses to the throat region that can “awaken” the brain to help restore swallowing function. According to the company, at least 50% of stroke victims have impaired swallowing. Apart from a severe reduction in quality of life, dysphagia often leads to the inhalation of liquids and the development of life-threatening pneumonia.
Phagenesis was founded in 2007 by Dr Conor Mulrooney, COO, and Professor Shaheen Hamdy, the inventor of the technology.

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