Eco Solutions Receives SEK2.2M Financing

Eco Solutions i Sverige AB, a Vetlanda-based company that designs, constructs and sells, through public procurement, waste facilities to the municipalities in the Nordic countries, has received a SEK2.2m financing.
Investors include ALMI Invest, Småland Business Angels, the Lundberg family and Karlsson Fasad AB
The company is developing its EcoBag refuse separation facility, which is based on the principle of tipping all refuse bags in one part of the facility and collecting ready-filled containers with sorted waste at the other end.
The system allows consumers to sort their refuse into different coloured bags according to type, up to six types. Then, the refuse is transported to the EcoBag facility, where separation takes place directly in the various containers. 
The material can subsequently be forwarded for biogas generation, recycling or landfill.
The funds will be used to launch the EcoBag system in the international markets. 

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