Alchimer Receives Equity Investment from Pansonic Venture Group

Alchimer SA, a Massy, France-based developer of an innovative technology for depositing nanometric films used in IC interconnects and 3D through-silicon vias, has received an equity investment of undisclosed amount from Pansonic Venture Group, the investment arm of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).
Founded in 2001, the company is a spin-off from the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA). Its technology, electrografting (eG™), is an electrochemical process that enables the growth of extremely high quality polymer and metal thin films on both conducting and semiconducting surfaces. In addition, Alchimer has developed chemical grafting (cG™), an electroless process sequence that enables the growth of highly adherent, low-resistivity copper-diffusion barrier films on isolating surfaces through the formation of strong chemical bonds between the films.
As also stated by Steve Lerner, CEO of Alchimer, the company expect to move quickly into high-volume production in the next few years.
Explaining the reasons behind the investment, Patrick Suel, venture partner with Panasonic Venture Group, said: “Throughout the electronics supply chain, manufacturers are increasingly in need of high-quality nanometric metal films that can be mass-produced at low cost.
“We see this at the wafer level, on substrates, and in 3D packaging, which is emerging as an important technology to lower costs for future ICs and systems.
“We believe that Alchimer’s nanometric films have tremendous potential to change the traditional cost-performance ratio at many points along the value chain”, he added.

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