UK, Touch Bionics Receives a £800K Loan from Archangel Informal Investment

Touch Bionics Inc., Livingston, Scotland, UK-based developer of advanced upper-limb prosthetics, received a £800K loan from members of Archangel Informal Investment Ltd.
Funding will enable the company to support accelerated expansion in response to December’s successful launch of its ProDigits bionic fingers.
Touch Bionics’ range of advanced prosthetic products include:
– LIVINGSKIN, a high-definition cosmesis that resembles natural skin;
– ProDigits, the above mentioned bionic fingers;
– i-LIMB Hand, a full-hand prosthesis with fully articulating fingers that both looks and acts like a real hand.
In the loan, Archangels, whose members have supported Touch Bionics since its inception, were joined by Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-investment Fund, as a co-investor.

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