Argos Soditic Acquires Majority Stake in Swiss Misapor

Argos Soditic, an independent European private equity firm with offices in Geneva, Paris and Milan, acquired, through an MBO, a majority stake in MISAPOR, a Surava, Switzerland-based foam glass granulate producer.
Foam glass granulate is an innovative building material, 98% of which is made from recycled glass. In addition to its excellent insulating characteristics, foam glass granulate is durable, inert, lightweight, easy to handle and withstands high pressure. It is used in the construction industry for ground insulation, lightweight aggregate, landscaping and to produce lightweight and highly insulating concrete.
Over the past years, the company has experienced strong growth in Switzerland and is planning to expand to Germany and other European countries. In order to finance new production facilities abroad and to enhance growth and exploit its potential, Misapor’s shareholders decided to look for a strong financial partner.
All old shareholders had the opportunity to cash out or reinvest in the transaction and continue to be a part of the company’s next expansion phase. The acquisition was funded by re-investing shareholders, the management team and Argos Soditic funds with existing debt from Graubundner Kantonalbank.

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