Opportunity to visit Vietnam for West Midlands companies

UK Trade & Investment’s Staffordshire international trade team is organising a visit to Vietnam to present the companies of the West Midlands region from 28 November to 6 December 2009.

In particular, the aim of the visit is to take a group of companies representing the expertise of the region to research the market place, obtain new clients and develop partner relationships, ultimately to increase export revenue to the UK.

Participating companies will be supported through:
-Pre-visit and in market briefing by UK Trade & Investment staff;
-British Consulate hosted reception in Ho Chi Minh City;
-Excellent networking opportunities through the support of the British Consulate and participation in a group visit;
-New contacts and shared intelligence within the market visit group;
-Reduced costs through group travel and financial package;
-Subsidised tailored market research through the Overseas Market Introduction Service to enable them to meet potential partners during their visit.

According to the International trade adviser Wendy Hall, who is leading the visit, “Vietnam has one of the fastest growing and most vibrant economies in Asia. It has both a large market for capital goods and an increasing domestic market for consumer goods. In the first nine months of last year, Vietnam imported British goods worth £117.9m.

“Priority sectors are transport, rail, environment, financial and legal services and ICT, and other growth areas include industrial machinery, leather, manufacture, telecommunications and sound recording equipment, professional services, scientific instruments and medical and pharmaceutical products.

“There are many exciting opportunities for West Midlands companies in Vietnam, which has been designated as a High Growth Market by UK Trade & Investment, and we will be on hand throughout the visit to help them make the most of these.”

A pre-visit briefing by UK Trade & Investment staff and representatives from Vietnam will be held at North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce early in November.

Entrepreneurs who want to explore export opportunities in the Asian country have to present their application by September 30.

For more information, contact Wendy Hall at:
International Trade Adviser,
UK Trade & Investment North Staffordshire
Chamber of Commerce Commerce House,
Festival Park Stoke-on-TrentUK ST1 5BE
mail:[email protected]
Tel: 01782 224408



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