CareDox Closes $16M Series B Financing

CareDox, a NYC-based pediatric healthcare technology leader, closed a $16m Series B financing.

The round was co-led by AI Life Sciences Investments LLC and 7wire Ventures with participation from Digitalis, Prolog Ventures, StartUp Health, and Wanxiang Healthcare Investments.

Led by Hesky Kutscher, CEO, CareDox provides healthcare technology to K-12 public schools to enable a new kind of pediatric care delivery system which bridges the gap between schools, parents and medical professionals. The company’s secure, HIPAA and FERPA-compliant platform captures student medical charts, medications and immunizations, and engages parents and providers with alerts about health events.
CareDox currently serves more than 2 million children through its work with more than 4,000 schools and several, large healthcare payers nationwide.

Most recently, the company partnered with HealthySchools, a Florida-based public-private partnership that seeks to promote pediatric health by administering influenza vaccines at partnered schools. HealthySchools is leveraging CareDox technology to manage the digital workflow associated with its vaccine and well care visit program for underserved children.



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