Takipi Raises $4.5M in First Funding

The company’s blog announced that Takipi Ltd., a Tel Aviv, Israel-based maker of code debugging solutions for developers, raised $4.5m in its first funding round.

Menlo Ventures made the investment.

Led Tal Weiss, Dor Levi, CEO, Chen Harel, Iris Shoor, and Niv Steingarten, Takipi provides a cloud-based platform that allows developers to debug production code without performance impact. They can see when new code breaks applications when new exceptions, log errors or slowdowns happen in production, and the exact code and variable state.
Takipi captures all the relevant variable and object values for any exception thrown within the app, so developers don’t have to stare at call stacks and guess which values were there. They can also compare between deployments, timeframes and machines.



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