Commit Biologics Raises €16M in Seed Financing


Commit Biologics, an Aarhusm, a Denmark-based company which specializes in activating the complement system to treat cancer and autoimmune disease, raised €16M in Seed funding.

Backers included Bioqube Ventures and Novo Holdings. 

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate development of its Bispecific Complement Engaging (BiCE™) platform.

Led by CEO Krishna Polu, Commit Biologics specializes in activating the complement system to kill specific target cells, with applications in cancers and autoimmune diseases. Spun out of Aarhus University, and building on more than three decades of research, the company has developed the Bispecific Complement Engaging (BiCE™) platform to activate the complement system more effectively.

BiCE™ is a modular system that can arm antibodies to direct the complement system in a highly targeted way, so that it selectively kills cancer cells or immune cells that drive autoimmune diseases. 

Commenting on the news, Krishna Polu said: “This financing from Novo Holdings and Bioqube Ventures validates our pioneering approach of engaging and activating the complement system for therapeutic purposes. Our BiCE™ platform gives us the ability to engage the complement system so that it attacks targeted cells in a highly selective manner. This platform also means we can use established antibodies, which cuts development times and reduces risk, to develop best-in-class therapeutics. This is a novel way of harnessing the immune system to tackle cancer and autoimmune disease, and we are confident in the tremendous potential it offers.”