Orbis Medicines Launches with €26M Seed Financing

Orbis Medicines

Orbis Medicines, a Copenhagen, Denmark-based company which specializes in oral macrocycle drug discovery, raised €26M in Seed funding.

The round was led by Novo Holdings and Forbion.

The company intends to use the funds to support the expansion and advancement of its portfolio of macrocycle drugs it calls ‘nCycles’.

Orbis Medicines is a biotechnology company focused on oral macrocycle drug discovery. Macrocycles are a large and diverse family of compounds with highly desirable therapeutic properties, defined by the presence of a cyclic structure. Its platform is designed to systematically explore the macrocycle chemical space using an automated chemistry platform and deliver oral macrocycle drug candidates – nCycles – suitable for both intra- and extracellular targets. Orbis’ programs are focused on oral alternatives to blockbuster biologic drugs and targets challenging for established modalities.

Orbis was founded in 2021 by the Seeds Investment team of Novo Holdings, with Mr. Døssing as Executive Chair and João Ribas as interim CBO establishing the company’s team and building its corporate strategy. The scientific foundation of Orbis was developed by Prof. Christian Heinis and Sevan Habeshian at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).