BioIntelligence Technologies Raises $5M in Funding

BioIntelligence Technologies

BioIntelligence Technologies, a Sherbrooke, QC, Canada-based company that has developed an AI powered solution to eliminate losses in products and to reduce the consumption of water and energy and the emission of CO2 in industrial bioprocesses using fermentation, raised $5M in funding.

The round was led by Amplify Capital and joined by Investissement Québec, Real Ventures, Anges Québec and AQC Capital, and by Innospark Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate growth in America and Europe.

Led by CEO and founder Joel Sirois, BioIntelligence creates, develops, and commercializes innovative and intelligent instruments and software that enable biotech companies to monitor, understand, predict, and optimize bioprocess performances resulting in reduced losses in products, improved consistency, and increased profits for industrial clients.

The BioIntelligence Analytics Solution™ (BAS™) is a solution developed to measure directly in fermenters and bioreactors the evolution of microorganisms, their consumption of nutrients and their synthesis of products, while performing advanced customized analytics in real-time for plant operators.

The BAS™ is already commercial with industrial clients in North America and in Europe.