Ionobell Raises $7.3M Total Seed Funding


Ionobell, a San Francisco, CA-based silicon battery technology company, raised $3.9M in Seed extension funding.

The round, which brought the total amount to $7.3M, was led by Dynamo Ventures and Trucks VC.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its production across the United States, bringing its recycled battery material to new manufacturers and a broader array of industries.

Led by CEO Robert Neivert, Ionobell is a silicon battery building and licensing company leveraging decades of expertise in battery material and cell development.

Commenting on the news, Robert Neivert, said: “What the average consumer doesn’t realize, however, is that these batteries are produced through a multitude of different technology providers and partnerships. At Ionobell, we want to give manufacturers and producers better solutions for their demanding battery customers. This means creating silicon-forward batteries that are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and are a “drop-in solution” with their existing processes/equipment both solid-state and standard Li-Ion. We’re powering the technology that powers people’s lives.”