Insamo Raises $12M in Seed Funding

From left to right: Tim Craven (CEO); Toby Passioura (CSO); Glen McIntyre (COO). (Photo: Business Wire)

Insamo, a Berkeley, CA-based biotechnology company advancing membrane-permeable and orally available cyclic-peptides, raised $12M in Seed funding.

The round saw participation from Playground Global, venBio, MRL Ventures Fund (MRLV), Sahsen Ventures, BEVC, Civilization Ventures, and Axial Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and development efforts.

Led by Tim Craven (CEO), Toby Passioura (CSO), Glen McIntyre (COO), Insamo is a biotechnology company pioneering the discovery of membrane-permeable and orally available cyclic-peptides with antibody-like binding affinity. The platform combines ML-driven molecular design, ultra high-throughput molecular biology, and parallel synthetic chemistry to identify preclinical candidates that exhibit favorable pharmacological properties. Their objectives encompass enhancing patient care by replacing injected or infused biologics with easily administered oral cyclic-peptide formulations as well as driving rapid drug discovery for currently intractable drug targets. Their solution has the capability to generate treatment candidates from scratch, regardless of prior knowledge about the disease target’s structure, dynamics, or ‘druggable’ sites, and requires only a small vial of the target material.

The company has research sites in Berkeley, CA and Sydney, Australia.