Djinn Technologies Acquires EF EVE

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Djinn Technologies, a Coventry, Warwickshire, UK-based Akuma Engineering owned company developing advanced volumetric and spatial camera sensor and scanning technologies, acquired EF EVE, a UK- and Lithuania-based provider of consumer-friendly volumetric and spatial capture software.

The amount of the deal, which included all assets, patents, and intellectual property of EF EVE, was not disclosed.

This acquisition will enable Djinn Technologies to leverage EF EVE’s proprietary advancements in volumetric video technology, enhancing its product offerings and accelerating its growth in the 3D scanning, capture, and streaming sectors.

Founded in 2013 by Agnis Stelingis and was based in the United Kingdom and Lithuania, EF EVE was known for its proprietary algorithms that enabled high-quality volumetric and spatial video capture and live streaming using affordable sensors. Their lossless compression codec made streaming 3D content on mobile devices a “near-reality” experience.

Djinn Technologies is committed to innovating the volumetric and spatial 3D scanning, capture and streaming space. Djinn will be incorporating the EF EVE software and technologies into their own proprietary software application SpatialScan3D, which decreases the time it takes to generate real-time, real-life avatars, including depth and motion detection.