Imbed Biosciences Receives $10M in Convertible Debt Financing

Imbed Biosciences

Imbed Biosciences, a Santa Clara, CA-based tissue engineering company developing advanced biomaterials for soft-tissue repair, received $10M in convertible debt financing.

Niterra participated in the round through the CVC fund jointly operated with Pegasus Tech Ventures, along with existing investors.

The funds will be used to scale commercial operations, advance innovation, and increase sales channels.

Led by Ankit Agarwal, PhD, co-founder and chief scientific and quality officer, Imbed is a commercial growth stage biotech company registered with FDA as a medical device manufacturer with an ISO 13485 certified quality management system. Imbed has developed a fully-synthetic and antimicrobial wound matrix made of biocompatible polymers, which is FDA cleared for several use indications, including management of burns, skin grafts, chronic and surgical wounds. The antimicrobial matrix provides a healing environment conducive to tissue growth and suppresses the growth of microbes and biofilms. Published prospective human clinical trials have shown that inclusion of the matrix in the protocols of care helped jump start healing of stagnant or deteriorating chronic wounds that were suspected of persistent microbial colonization, leading to a faster recovery with less chance of infection, improving patient outcomes.