Garuda Ventures Raises $31M for Debut Institutional Fund

Garuda Ventures

Garuda Ventures, a B2B-focused pre-seed and seed venture capital firm based on Bay Area, raised $31M for its debut institutional fund.

Notable LPs include:

  • Cliff Obrecht, Co-Founder and COO, Canva 
  • Frederic Kerrest, Vice Chairman & Co-Founder, Okta 
  • Osama Bedier, President, GoDaddy Commerce
  • Howard Lindzon, Co-founder and General Partner, Social Leverage

The firm, led by Rishi Taparia and Arpan Punyani, began in 2018 as a $3M “proof of concept” before becoming a full-time endeavor in 2021.

Investments are focused on four core areas, which directly reflects their experience as operators:

  • Intelligent Applications including Vertical SaaS, AI-enhanced applications, API-driven middleware
  • Commerce Infrastructure
  • Cloud-native security, compliance at data-scale, Programmable infrastructure
  • Climate 2.0 including digitization of the energy markets, code to manage the grid, tech for the low-carbon transition