Keona Health Raises $7M in Series A1 Funding

Kenoa Health

Keona Health, a Raleigh – Durham, NC-based health-tech company that uses AI to streamline scheduling, triage, and communication, raised $7M in Series A1 funding.

The round was led by Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC).

The company intends to use the funds to expand its position in the market, and to consolidate CareDesk as a solution.

Led by CEO Oakkar Oakkar, Keona provides CareDesk, an AI-powered, healthcare CRM platform that streamlines complex scheduling, telephone triage, and communication by guiding healthcare staff to the correct decisions in real-time.

The software’s Care 360 AI allows for dynamic branching, integration of patient 360 databases, and clinically safe automation. These features have allowed client organizations to double their provider and patient panel sizes without hiring any new staff. In addition to AI-guided call support, CareDesk offers digital self-scheduling.

Organizations using the product include EmergeOrtho, Virginia Women’s Center, and Central Maine Health.