EX-Fusion Raises 1.8 Billion Yen in Seed Funding


EX-Fusion, an Osaka, Japan-based laser fusion company, raised 1.8 billion yen in Seed funding.

Investors included:


Nissay Capital

Delight Ventures

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital

Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund

Osaka Shoko Shinkin Bank

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital

SMBC Venture Capital

Shizuoka Capital

Kyushin Social Capital

Germination Fund

The company, which has raised 1.93 billion yen to date, intends to use the funds to accelerate the commercial development of laser fusion technology, and establish its own facility.

EX-Fusion is committed to promoting the commercialization of laser fusion in Japan. By combining high-output, high-repetition laser technology, continuous target supply devices, and optical control technology, the company aims to realize the world’s first commercial laser fusion power plant, and contribute to the development of technology in various optical industries, not limited to the energy sector.